A world without music is a world not worth living in. It’s a statement that I have repeated countless times as I truly believe that if we, as a species, did not have the capabilities of creating music, then there would be no worth to our lives. We’d just be empty shells roaming space on this cosmic rock lost in the forever forward movement of time. 

Music gives life colour. Music gives life inspiration. Music gives life fantasy. Music gives life emotion. Music gives life meaning. Without it, there would be no magic. Without it, life as we know it would not be. Some of humanities greatest achievements come from a foundation of music. Take for example the most valuable company in the world. Apple Inc. owes its current fortune to music. Without the iPod, Apple would not be the company it is today. 

Music has the power to relieve pain, escape sorrow and enable emotion in a way that nothing else can. The power of music is idyllic. It cannot be measured in any quantifiable way however, it can be felt in every aspect of life’s journey. That is the power of music. 

Music is entrenched in the DNA of life and for that reason, life deserves its very own soundtrack. I recently happened upon a YouTube channel that fills this mammoth task. All I can say is that every piece on this channel is the paragon of perfection. 

The Soundtrack to Life


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