A quick thought on Season 6

Look, #GoT at its worst will still always be better than most other shows around but that doesn’t excuse the shocking (not in the good way) writing and atrocious inconsistencies of this past season. And look, let’s not deny it, episode 9 (Battle of the Bastards) is probably GoT’s best episode to date but the reason it is the shows best episode is not due to the writing (a lot of it still makes no sense and is, quite simply, cringeworthy). What made “Battle of the Bastards” such an amazing episode was its direction, cinematography, acting, VFX and the way they weaved the soundtrack so subtly into the battle scenes. On the other hand, every plot point of episode 9 was predictable. Every beat was, for lack of a better word, obvious. But it was still one of the best episode the show has produced because, while the writing has been losing its quality since, around, halfway through season 5, the direction, VFX and production overall have increased drastically. One has to simply compare S02E09 to S06E09 to see the difference. And, to me, it’s just disappointing that the show has decided, now, at the tail end of its series run, to slack off in the quality of its writing. Logic seems to have been thrown to the winds (*cough* Arya’s plot *cough*). There is a lack of any nuance in its storylines. The plot lines have become shameful Hollywood cliches. None of the characters are truly “grey” anymore and the blame here rests solely on the show runners (Dan and David). Not the directors. Not the producers. Not the actors. No one. They have decided, for some arbitrary reason, to take the brilliant foundation set up by the first four seasons and completely destroy it and devolve the show into a parody of its former self. At the end of the day, I still love this show and it is still, as I said at the beginning, a better show than most out there. It’s just sad because we know it could’ve been a whole lot better than it currently is.


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