The Soundtrack to Life

A world without music is a world not worth living in. It’s a statement that I have repeated countless times as I truly believe that if we, as a species, did not have the capabilities of creating music, then there would be no worth to our lives. We’d just be empty shells roaming space on […]

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Harry Potter and the cursed child – the (not really) eighth story in the Harry Potter saga 

When you start reading the script, you’re immediately hit with this avalanche of nostalgia. Being transported to platform 9 3/4, the Hogwarts express and our famous little trio. You’re excited. You’re ready to go back to Hogwarts. Ready to see what’s become of your beloved characters. Ready for adventure.  We start off where the epilogue […]

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A visual telling of ASOIAF 

There are many ASOIAF related posts out on the interwebs but this particular one stands out as being truly amazing 💯. This is for all those who want to catch up on ASOIAF before The Winds of Winter, albeit in a very minimalistic manner, or to just pass the time as we get into greater depths […]

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A quick thought on Season 6

Look, #GoT at its worst will still always be better than most other shows around but that doesn’t excuse the shocking (not in the good way) writing and atrocious inconsistencies of this past season. And look, let’s not deny it, episode 9 (Battle of the Bastards) is probably GoT’s best episode to date but the […]

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Raw Emotions 

After the fifth episode of Game of Thrones (The Door) last week, I started pondering what it is that makes us so emotional seeing a beloved character die on screen. After all, we know that when a character dies on TV or in the movies, it’s not real. It’s not like the actor who plays […]

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